Ope from .

Asides from Ope who is my EX, There are a lot of reasons you should love the name Ope.

Ope from is one of those reasons! Wait, Who is Ope from cowry wise?.

Today, I share insights about Ope from Cowrywise, my view about her, my experience with her, what I think makes Ope special and towards the end, share discoveries that will be helpful to brands.

If you’re stressed to read to the end, simply tell me what you know and like about Ope from Cowrywise.

My Experience;

Like most people on Instagram and Twitter, I’ve constantly heard the name Ope, it rings a bell but never really paid attention to know who Ope from Cowrywise is.

Randomly, I went to my mailbox with the intent of clearing up the mess I left there; the unread mails, the draft et al.

Getting there, I discovered I only had two prevalent mails I hardly read- one from Cowrywise the other from Todoist. At first, I unsubscribed from todoist (sorry guys) and planned doing the same with Cowrywise mail, but I got intrigued by the subject line of a particular mail. It was loud!!! It had the word “DEATH”.

I went through the content of the mail and found it interesting, I went up to read another mail and another. With each email giving the sensation of having a conversation with a friend, at a point I asked myself ‘who’s this Ope from Cowrywise’, it then occurred to me that Ope is a persona representing the Cowrywise brand. But not just a persona, a human persona.

Like Ope from Cowrywise, I realized most brand tries hard creating this bond and connection with its target market but to no avail. it’s different with Ope from Cowrywise. I spent a couple of days going through possible reasons why Ope from Cowrywise stands out.

‘I discovered it’s more than having a name attached to a brand, it’s about the communication and position. The persona a brand chooses mustn’t just be a name, it must be the carrier of the brand’.

Let’s expand into possible factors that put and set Ope separate from others. Read my inference below.

  1. I honestly don’t think it’s about the name you choose. The reason being that people generally tend to fall in love with a name depending on the story the persona tells. If the story is great, they fall in love if otherwise (not so great story), there’s reconsideration. Although as much as a brand can, choosing a generic name should be a priority and if you can, A feminine name will hit. You see, The name “Ope” is more relatable to Nigerians and it creates this sense of engagement.
  2. Customers generally rates brand based on certain Quality, Ope going viral plainly alludes that Ope does the job excellently. It’s no doubt. In essence, Ope is a solution in the eyes of users.
  3. We all have problems and at times like that, we need someone that can either solve them or find a means of solving them. Ope is positioned in that way, finding a way to solve the financial problems of its customers and making it fun at each step of the way. This here is the subtle part most brands miss out on. The brands name only pops up when there’s a new product update or service is down… as nuanced as it is, it matters a lot to the customers.
  4. “I don’t want to see your face!!! Just give me what I want”-That’s the usual reaction a customer gives when interacting with a brand persona but we sometimes forget that Ope isn’t a real person that we occasionally want to meet Ope in person and that’s a goal of Cowrywise, for customers to connect with Ope. Ope builds emotion, empathy, and love. She connects on a deeper level.

The benefit of building an amazing brand persona?

A major benefit I’ll highlight here is when a brand has the right persona, it increases customers retention. With the right persona, brands can be sure they’ve developed an important product (outside the main product) and with consistent upgrades, customers can be sure to trust the brand even more.

Remark: ‘Ensure while building a brand, create a persona that communicates value beyond the product and engages your target market and audience. Adding depth and mystery to your persona is key’.

Thanks for reading this piece, before leaving, tell me your experience with any brand persona.

A special shout out to the Content team at . You guys are amazing.



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